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Kay’s life seems to be going perfect until her best friend Sam commits suicide. Sam Avery is a 27 year old song writer living in New York with Kay Greene, an aspiring artist. Before Sam’s death, Sam fought her hardest against clinical depression. Sam’s therapist, Abby, had been helping her since childhood, pulling her through day by day. Sam’s death sparks a chain reaction of events that change the lives that once surrounded her. Will Sam, with the voice in her head, find a way to change it, or will she be trapped in death, watching the chaos?


By Emily Hughes

Everything In Between

By Emma Grimsley, Trent Rayburn, Stephanie Martin, Elyse Metzdorf, & Grace Fawcett

Everything in Between is a straight play about the lives of three women in: Kit, Penny, and Maeve. Each of the women have recently lost someone and the show tells their stories of them working and grieving through the pain that they are going through.

What's Real?

By Breanna Sinquefield & Ellie Smith

Fran is a 17-year old girl, who lives in a mental institute. Fran suffers from schizophrenia and has been since she was diagnosed at the young age of eight.  She is moved to a new hospital where she encounters many new friends and enemies, all while she discovers "What's Real."

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